Who I Am, and my Goals and Beliefs

Dr. Claude CruzSuccessful sex and intimacy coaching is built on trust, empathy and deep knowledge.  Those traits are at the root of all of my client relationships.

My Story

I grew up in a tight-knit, religiously-oriented family that was shaped by both a firm father and by several strong but sensitive women.  I learned to value the richness of relationships, and the importance of education.

During a 35-year career in engineering, I honed my analytical skills while also rethinking much of my childhood “programming”. I experienced and learned from 2 prior marriages that prepared me for my current blissful 13-year marriage with my wife, Penny.  I remain deeply spiritual (though no longer religious), and now find my fulfillment in promoting the growth of human connections.  That’s what drove me to become a Ph.D. sexologist and sex and intimacy coach.  I genuinely want to help and serve others who seek growth.

My Personal Philosophy

The thing I most value in my own life is deep and caring human connection.  Intimacy embodies and is reflected in that rich emotional connection, and a sexual relationship allows loving people to show how they feel about one another.  I believe that consensual and responsibly-managed sex and intimacy are our fundamental birthrights.  My goal is to help individuals remove roadblocks to the full and free expression of their power to love, and to bask in guilt-and shame-free enjoyment of their sexuality.  I believe that trust is tremendously important in both professional (coaching) and personal relationships.  Thus, I insist on mutually-respectful  and confidential interactions with my clients.  While I serve in the role of a sounding-board and resource provider, I believe that each of my clients owns the responsibility for their own growth and happiness.  I’m here to help!