My Services and Fees

Water lilySex and Intimacy Coaching

I’m available to help individuals and couples through sex coaching and intimacy coaching.  The recommended duration of these sessions can range from one session to an ongoing series of sessions, depending on the client’s goals and needs.  Most such courses are short (a few sessions); I’ll assess what’s needed and will make recommendations to the client, during my intake process. I offer the following sex-coaching arrangements:

  • A single 1-hour session (50 minutes working together plus 10 minutes wrap-up plus follow-up) for $90.
  • A package of 4 hour-long weekly sessions, for a discounted rate of $320.

Sex and intimacy coaching can be comfortably and effectively conducted via telephone or Skype; I am available to help you, regardless of where you are located.  When booking a session, please state your interaction preference in the booking comments, along with your preferred telephone number or your Skype username.  For those who live in the Portland, Oregon area, face-to-face sessions can also be arranged, at a modest additional fee.  Please contact me for details.

I have the following payment policies:

  • I request payment at the time of service, or in advance (through a reservation and payment made on this website).  Cash, Paypal payment (via this website) or personal checks with identification are accepted.
  • I understand that life is busy these days.  Sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled at no charge, with at least 24 hours’ notice.  For change notices received less than 24 hours in advance, a charge of half the hourly session rate may be made.  For sessions pre-charged through website registration, such charges will be fully refunded with at least 24 hours’ notice.  Later notices may result in a refund of one-half the pre-charged amount.
  • In cases of financial hardship, I will consider making rate adjustments, based on personal circumstances.  In such cases, I may request substantiating information.
  • Note that sex-coaching and intimacy-coaching services are not normally covered by insurance, and are thus not reimbursable.  Please plan the financing for your sessions with this in mind.