What I Do

Human sexuality is a complicated thing; it involves far more than just one’s body.  Our beliefs, emotions, body-image, attitudes, and spiritual engagement with the world all play into our sexuality.

I am a sex and intimacy coach— someone who applies a large body of sexology knowledge in a collaborative coaching relationship with a client, with the intent of helping the client attain his or her goals for a rich and satisfying sexual and intimate life.

I take a holistic approach in working with my clients to help them pursue their sexual, sensual and intimacy goals.  My work is carefully tailored to fit the needs and desires of each client.  Unlike sex therapy, in which licensed professionals work to diagnose and address perceived sexual issues, sex coaching is a partnership-oriented collaboration that is focused on enhancing a client’s life.   I apply my extensive training to empower a client to achieve his or her sexual, sensual and intimacy goals.

Young coupleMy Philosophy

I believe that pleasure is an inherently wholesome and natural thing for people to enjoy.  Yes, it’s a strong force that affects us deeply, and it commands respect— but not fear or distrust.  Sex and sensuality are an adult form of “play” that re-energizes us, gives us joy, and connects us with others.  It’s healthy and necessary for us to learn how to embrace and responsibly manage our sexuality.

We live in a very sex-negative society, full of misleading messages, attitudes and information.  Little wonder that so many of us have reservations about our sexuality!  I believe that by understanding our sexual side, and how that relates to the other parts of us, we can assume full responsibility for ourselves, and make our own choices (rather than blindly follow the “programming” we’ve received from others).  In doing that, we can increase how alive, content and fulfilled we are.

My Goals

As a professionally-trained coach, my focus is on helping my clients attain the life-goals that they set for themselves.  As a coach, my job is to perceptively listen, so that I can understand both what my clients seek, and who they are as individuals.  My goal is to empower each client to set the best possible goals for themselves, using me as a resource— and then to tackle those goals, powerfully and effectively.  My goals include providing whatever tools a client needs, such as accurate and objective information.

On a personal note, my hope is also to establish a strong but appropriately personal trust-based professional relationship with my clients.  I’ll know that I am doing my job well, if I see that my clients are challenging themselves, growing, and feeling more self-confident and fulfilled in their intimate lives.


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