Understanding Sex and Intimacy Coaching

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There’s no need to fear or be confused by the “S-word”— being sexual is a basic part of being human!  Still, our sexuality is complicated, and it touches all aspects of our lives.One of my goals as a clinical sexologist and as a sex and intimacy coach is to provide education, and to clear up misunderstandings.

Are any of these feelings familiar to you?

  • I love sex, but my partner isn’t interested in it.
  • Our sex life has gotten boring.  What can I do to bring back the “sizzle”?
  • I know my partner loves me— but he/she doesn’t know how to please me!
  • I almost never seem to reach orgasm, even though I love it when that happens.
  • I don’t think I’m able to please him/her in bed.
  • My affair is wrecking our relationship.  How can we recover from that?
  • I have fantasies and curiosity that I’d like to explore, but I don’t know where to start.
  • As a busy couple with kids, how can we keep our intimate connection healthy?
  • Aging seems to be taking a toll on my libido; will I need to give up on sex?

A qualified sex coach can help with these and many other questions and concerns.  I help individuals and couples stay in touch with their playful sexy side, so that they can enjoy and give each other all the pleasure and love that they desire.  I see my work with women as especially valuable, because  a woman’s embrace of healthy sexuality is important to both her own satisfaction, and to that of a couple in which she participates.  I also provide care for men and couples, at all stages of life, with the same level of respect and competence.