Social/Dating Skills Gaps

Sexual connection is a “dance” that requires imagination as well as courting skills.  Women who know how to flirt and be enticing are always in high demand, and are greatly appreciated by their lucky partners.  Similarly, guys who know how to let themselves go through dance and confident self-expression are sought after by many women.  While some of these sexually-attractive behaviors are based on personality, they also can be nurtured by building social skills.

Playing couple

Social skills can be used to express one person’s caring for another— and that sort of caring is the basis for the trust and interest that allow a couple to open up to each other.  While stereotypes are confining, most women are naturally in touch with the importance of emotion in their life.  Emotional connection is necessary for a woman to feel connected and receptive to her partner.  (Emotional connection enriches the enjoyment of even less-serious uncommitted sexual adventures.)  Many men don’t understand or sufficiently credit the importance of emotional connection as much as do their women partners.

Just as a trained sex coach can help a client with information about sex-enhancing techniques, the coach can also provide help with heightening social awareness and tuning social skills.  This can be especially helpful for guys who want to improve their ability to find, attract and build a relationship with desirable partners.  Relationship skill-building is one of the many “tools” that a sex coach can apply in his or her holistic approach to bettering a client’s sexual and intimate experiences.

A knowledgeable sex coach can be a powerful partner in addressing these issues.  Here’s What I Do to help my clients.