Pushing the Boulder Uphill

Well, I just got off a teleconference that I was trying to use to launch my new “Loving Softly” Meetup group, on Meetup.com.  It was almost a bust— saved by new member Carl, who turned out to be a wealth of experience and fresh perspective.  (Thanks, Carl!)

This was undoubtedly just the first of what will undoubtedly become a string of near-misses, en route to nucleating a strong group.  The odds against success can sometimes seem a little daunting: I’m trying to create a safe space in which my fellow explorers and I can hold deep and sometimes challenging discussions about sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, and the relationships between these.

Our society simply doesn’t have time, patience or tolerance for these themes— yet they are all central to who we are, as human beings.  It seems to me that there’s a pent up but repressed demand for such discussions. My Meetup group  embodies my placing a bet that this is the case.  I built it, and now I truly hope they will come!  I know it’ll be worth the effort and risk.  Please join us, if you agree!!!

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