Orgasm Issues

Everybody loves a nice “happy ending” to a love-making experience.  For men, achieving orgasm is a fairly frequent occurrence, though not a certainty (especially in older men).  For women, orgasm is equally desirable and satisfying— but getting there is often a bigger challenge than for men.

Men often put a lot of stock behind achieving orgasm for themselves.  Doing so can become a “performance” goal for them.  Unfortunately, treating orgasm as a goal, rather than as a pleasant and welcome “bonus” to a lovemaking experience, can actually make orgasm much harder to attain.

Orgasmic energyMany women also see it as essential that they reach orgasm.  They can become frustrated and feel “cheated” if they don’t get there.  To complicate things, many women feel that they are not worthy partners if they cannot attain orgasm with their partner.  Of course, that sort of self-imposed pressure can also make it virtually impossible to have an orgasm.

Orgasm is complicated.  Some women are able to have orgasms when pleasuring themselves, but are unable to regularly have orgasms with their partner.  Other women simply cannot experience orgasms, either solo or accompanied.

Orgasm is unlikely to occur if the partners aren’t relaxed, very comfortable with and connected to each other, and equally comfortable with their surroundings.  Stress, fatigue, worries and distractions are all notorious orgasm-killers.

A trained sex coach understands the process and dynamics of orgasm, in both men and women.  The coach can teach a client techniques such as PC muscle exercises that can increase the likelihood of achieving orgasm.  The coach can also help a client identify possible blocks and deterrents that can interfere with orgasm.  By recommending lifestyle adjustments, the coach can help a client make orgasm a more frequent highlight of their intimate experiences.

A knowledgeable sex coach can be a powerful partner in addressing these issues.  Here’s What I Do to help my clients.