My Focus Areas

Sexology covers the entire “universe” of sex: the understanding of how sex “works”, the breadth of sexual practices, tools and techniques, and how sex plays into intimate relationships and lifestyles.  While I am trained across this full range of topics, there are several areas that I have chose to specialize in:

Sexual Synergy logo- French blue TMAchieving “sexual synergy” within a couple:  An intimate relationship is a dance in which both partners “connect” in a deep and mutually-satisfying way.  People are complicated, and nowhere is this likely to be more true than in sexual expression.  I focus on helping both partners clearly understand what they want out of a relationship, communicate that to their partner, and then enter the relationship in a spirit of trust, giving and joy.  Along the way, I can help a couple address concerns such as differing levels of sexual desire, issues with self-confidence or self-image, and missing or weak skills in communicating, negotiating and pursuing sexual desires.

Maintaining a vibrant sex-life by adapting to aging and other life challenges:  Modern life can be complicated and demanding.  No wonder, then, that many people (in fact, everyone) can find it difficult to be “present in the moment” with one’s partner, or even in one’s own self-care time!  The demands and uncertainties of working life, health challenges, and the inevitability of aging can all take a toll on one’s sex-life and intimate relationships.  I work with individuals and with couples, to give them some needed tools to help help them maintain a vibrant sex-life and strong intimate connections, in spite of life’s distractions.

Creating an intimate relationship that is emotionally and spiritually satisfying, as well as physically delightful:  We all know that sex can be great fun.; it’s wonderful adult play.  Sex can also be the basis for what is probably the deepest and most intimate connection that can exist between people.  I personally value and enjoy the full spectrum of sexual pleasure in my own life, from the simple and carefree, to the sublime.  It gives me special professional satisfaction to be able to help my clients embrace their sexuality and pursue everything that sex and intimacy can offer, in their own lives.  This is why I help my clients explore the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their intimate life— with whatever priorities each client places on those three facets.

I’m available to help with these and many other areas of sex and intimacy coaching

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