In the Beautiful Moment

Yesterday afternoon offered me one of those “what could be better?” moments that we’re all luck enough to experience every so often.  Looking across the lovely little river adjacent to my home, I was taken by the dappled slanting evening sunlight filtering through the bright spring-green tree canopy.  Two ducks flew downriver, mere feet above the glassy water, intent upon whatever it is that occupies ducks’ attention.  A trio of eagles drifted by far overhead, lazily drifting on the wind.

In being treated to this moment of beauty and tranquility, I realized the many ways in which beauty steals into our lives— if only we open ourselves to it.  As  sexologist, my mind drifted to my appreciation of the beauty of the human form.  I find few things as moving as the gentle swelling of a woman’s breast, or the titillating dip and turn of a graceful hip.  We humans are “wired” to resonate with this beauty.  I’m sure that the sensitivity to beauty that I experience as a heterosexual male is echoed in women’s and in gay or lesbian individuals’ responses to the beauty of the human form.

All of this is a reminder to me that our sexuality is a deep and direct connection to our overall experience of being alive.  Sex is a good and a beautiful thing; it opens our eyes, quickens our pulse, and thrills us with the sheer joy of being alive.  Given that sex is such a primal force in our life, we need to be sure to be open to its gifts, and we should do what we can to embrace it.  In slowing our frenetic pace enough to become receptive, and in recognizing and rejecting the acquired sex-negative attitudes that might otherwise blunt our appreciation, we can reconnect ourselves with a major wellspring of joy and energy.  Long live sex!

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