How Coaching Can Help

Sex and intimacy can be a source of great pleasure and satisfaction in life— or they can be a source of worry, discontent and conflict.  Men and women both want to feel desired and confident, and able to please their partner.  Both want to feel their sexual power; they desire connection with an interesting, engaged and receptive partner.

Yin and Yang

Many men worry that their erections aren’t as hard or lasting as they’d like.  They may come earlier or later than desired; the stresses and distractions of daily life may undermine their ability to be fully present and giving with their lover.  Men can also feel uneasy or unconfident about communicating with women in a soulful and enticing way.

Sexuality is a complicated and emotionally-charged thing for many women.  The stresses and demands of work and family can combine with the constant messages from relatives, friends and society, to cool a woman’s desire for sex and intimacy.  Women worry that they are not beautiful enough or slim enough, or worthy enough to attract desirable partners.  With so many concerns and so much “noise” in their heads, it’s hard for desire to take root.

Both men and women face the challenges that come with aging.  Bodies change with time, and both energy level and the zest for life can wane.  Our youth-focused and beauty-worshiping society does little to help older individuals stay in touch with their sexual side.

Finally, couples can face hurdles in satisfying their desire for a fulfilling relationship.  Busy partners can find that they have little interest in sex, and even when there is interest, one partner may have much more interest than the other.  Affairs can wreak havoc in a relationship, and other relationship conflicts can dampen sexual “fire”.  Of course, these issues aren’t purely sexual; they can deeply affect the feelings of intimacy between partners.

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