Good to Be Back

This blog has unfortunately been inactive for several months, due to the many twists and turns that Life takes.  Since my last post, I have earned a doctorate in Human Sexuality— work that is very relevant to the mission of this site and blog.

Sexuality and intimacy are complex and challenging subjects.  There is literally a world of knowledge about these subjects out there, but such knowledge is merely a navigational aid in the experience of living one’s sexuality.  Armed with my large body of formal knowledge, I now look forward to creating ways for people to engage in honest, trusting discussion of these important subjects.

There is normally little opportunity for people to do so, in our often prudish and sex-negative society.  Sex is often seen as a “third-rail” topic in our culture; touch it and die!  In spite of this, sexuality and sensuality are central forces in our lives as human beings; sex is, in essence, our “life-force”.  This dichotomy puts people in the very unfortunate position of having to disown and avoid the acceptance of their sexuality. Widespread personal pain ensues from this rift.

My hope for this blog, this site and the other activities that I orchestrate is to provide fertile terrain for the creation of an online and “real-world” community in which these topics can be safely and constructively discussed.  I believe that there is a latent though tightly bottled-up demand for a space in which to conduct such personal explorations.  If you’re reading this blog and find that you resonate with this idea, please nurture it by sharing your thoughts. Your comments are welcome, and they’ll benefit all participants— including yourself!  Let’s work together to increase our personal freedom.

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