For Professionals

Floating black featherPeople are complex, as is our modern lifestyle.  Few practitioners try to span the full range of their profession, in depth— and few who do try, manage to attain that lofty goal.

Sexology is a deep and wide field.  As important as sexuality is to clients or patients, most medical and therapeutic practitioners receive little formal training in sexual matters.  That leaves them ill-equipped to address the sex and intimacy-related needs of those they serve.

Well-trained sexologists have hundreds or thousands of hours of explicitly sexual training.  As an example, I’ve invested well over 2000 hours of training to qualify for my Ph.D. in Human Sexuality.  When combined with my in-depth preparation as a certified Professional Sex Coach, the resulting background enables me to serve as a uniquely powerful tool in addressing my clients’ sexual and intimacy concerns.

I actively seek collaboration with complementary professionals.  As a clinical sexologist, I often see a need to refer my clients to a medical practitioner for organic issues, or to a therapist for matters that require in-depth psychological work.  Frequently, medical investigations and/or therapeutic work take place in conjunction with sex and intimacy coaching— sometimes concurrently.  Such collaborative arrangements enable my clients to receive the full spectrum of care that they require and deserve.

I welcome opportunities to discuss collaboration with interested fellow professionals.  I’ll respond promptly to inquiries that I receive; please see the Contact page of this website for information about how to reach me.