Enhanced Pleasure

Many individuals and couples who seek the help of a sex coach have nothing fundamentally wrong with their sex lives or intimacy.  They may simply have a nagging feeling that there’s a lot more to explore in the world of sexuality, or that their relationship has grown a little stale and could benefit from a “refresher”.  Such people are on a quest for enhanced pleasure— which is one of the main areas of focus for a sex coach.

Enhanced pleasure

As time goes by in a relationship, it’s easy to fall into a rut regarding one’s sexual practices.  While each of us has favorite ways of loving our partner, too much of anything can become monotonous, and can lose its “spice”.  Sex is, after all, about play— and play is defined by its spontaneity, carefree spirit and imagination.

The sexual universe is infinite.  With a little daring, willingness to explore, caring and mutual consent, there is no reason for us or our partners to ever feel sexually bored.

One of the marks of a well-trained sex coach is his or her familiarity with the breadth of various sexual practices and techniques.  Because a sex coach works as a close partner with a client, the coach can help the client explore what sexual approaches feel right for them and their partner, in a very personalized way.  The coach can then provide information and guidance about how best to explore those intriguing areas of sexuality.  A coach realizes that everyone’s preferences are different, and that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to enjoy sex.  This non-judgmental approach to sexuality lets the coach serve as a comfortable and knowledgeable guide for a client’s explorations of sex and intimacy.

A knowledgeable sex coach can be a powerful partner in addressing these desires.  Here’s What I Do to help my clients.