Body-Image Concerns

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s clear that it’s a good thing to feel sexy and desirable.  For men, feeling strong and masculine is empowering and validating.  For women, feeling sexy and liking their body works wonders for self-confidence.

Nude woman

Many men, and perhaps even more women, have concerns or reservations about how they see their body.  Women especially are confronted with goals for weight, breast size, “thigh-gap” and other physical attributes that may be impossible (and undesirable) for most people to achieve. Men are encouraged to become triathletes or Atlas-like body-builders— extremes of fitness that may have less to do with health than with “packaging” people to fit false ideals established by marketing agents.

A sex coach can help a client to look at his or her body objectively and appreciatively.   Such a balanced approach can help maximize a person’s comfort and satisfaction with their appearance, setting worthwhile and achievable health and appearance goals, while avoiding buying into marketing hype that can actually damage self-image.  A qualified coach can be a client’s invaluable partner in removing false body-image concerns and goals.

A knowledgeable sex coach can be a powerful partner in addressing these issues.  Here’s What I Do to help my clients.