Baby Steps

Not surprisingly, launching a new coaching practice in an area that involves the “third-rail” topic of sexuality is challenging.  One of the big challenges is to figure out how best to connect with people who are receptive to thinking and talking about sensuality, sexuality and intimacy.  Where do those “fish swim”?  On some level, these are almost universal concerns— but in spite of their interest, many people are carrying too much “baggage” to be able to directly and productively engage their sexual side.

There’s a large sex-positive community in Portland (OR)— people who embrace their sexuality, many of whom are quite open-minded and experimental.  That is likely to be fertile terrain.  Delivering free talks in such a forum seems like a promising avenue to pursue, so I’m doing that.  Participating in the many sub-groups of that community is also promising…  both in person, and through online dialog.  As a step toward building community, I’ve also started a meeting group (the Loving Softly group on Still looking for a private, comfortable and affordable meeting location for that group; it’s probably not the best for hosting at the local public library!

I’m greatly looking forward to getting past these tottering initial baby-steps, and on to interaction with a vigorous community.  It’ll be great to enjoy the company of fellow explorers, and to have regular opportunities to contribute my professional expertise!

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