Aging and Other Life Circumstances

As the saying goes, “Time heals all wounds”— but it’s also true the “Time wounds all heels”!  As we age, our bodies change, and so do our minds and hearts.  In many ways, the maturity and life-experience that come with age can make sex and intimacy fantastically rich and fulfilling.  At the same time, though, age requires that we adjust to the lessening capabilities of our bodies.  Humor and patience help!

Loving older coupleA sixty-something year old man is unlikely to have the endurance and strength of a young “stallion”.  Similarly, a young woman can probably more easily be orgasmic than can a woman well past menopause.  While these are generalizations, they underscore the challenges of sex and intimacy in middle age and beyond.

Sex is a powerful life-force, and it would be a shame and a waste for older folks to give up on their sex life (as many do).  Remaining sexually active has been repeatedly shown to offer both physical and mental health benefits.  There is no need to surrender one’s sex life in one’s later years; however, there is a need to make needed and realistic adjustments and compromises.

Life can throw us “curve-balls” beyond the inevitability of aging.  The arrival of a new family member can have a big impact on parent’s sex life and intimacy.  This can include the post-partum depression that some women experience following childbirth.  The stresses that come with other major life events can also deeply affect one’s desire for sex and intimacy.

Sex is about pleasure— and a coach can make clients aware of the many possibilities for sharing and personally enjoying pleasure, in spite of aging and other life issues.  With their holistic approach and broad training, sex coaches can help couples and individuals to keep their relationships and their sex lives vibrant.  Here’s What I Do to help my clients.