About Me

Claude Cruz - CroppedI am proud to offer my services as a World Association of Sex Coaches-certified Professional Sex Coach.  That designation comes with hundreds of hours of training with a staff of world-class sexology and coaching professionals from Sex Coach University.  I also hold a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Human Sexuality, from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco— often colloquially referred to as the “Harvard of sexology”.

My interest in sexology and sex coaching comes from the role that sex and intimacy have played in my own life.  I place tremendous value on the intimate personal connections in my life.  Like many people, I was raised in a very conservative family and cultural environment, in which needed discussions about sex were undervalued, infrequent and sometimes burdened with shame.  As an adult, I chose to understand and reverse the negative effects of this “sex-negative programming”.  This remains an ongoing effort for me— but one that has brought me a great deal of personal satisfaction and meaning.  I’m now dedicated to helping my clients achieve similar personal freedom and benefits.

Having spent 35 years as an engineer and systems architect at IBM, Intel and other leading high-tech companies, I’m able to bring my clients an unusual mix of analytical and planning skills, well-honed listening skills, empathy and genuine caring.  This tool-kit provides powerful help in my problem-solving with my clients.

I see myself as a true partner with my clients; if they’re willing to tackle the work of enriching their sexual and intimacy lives, I will be right there with them.  Sex and intimacy coaching is my profession— and my passion.

Like all sex and intimacy coaches, I have specific types of clients for whom I feel especially effective.   I feel most effective working with heterosexual individuals (especially women who understand and value “loving softly”), as well as couples.   As a “boomer” myself, I enjoy helping older clients retain a vibrant and varied sexual life.   I enjoy working with free-thinkers, and with clients in both traditional and non-traditional lifestyles.  This includes clients who are interested in or involved with polyamory or “swinging” experiences.

I welcome any questions you may have, and I am ready to serve you. You can reach me through the Contact page of this website.  I look forward to becoming YOUR sex coach!

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